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Who’s going to write the AU where Derek didn’t lose his family and is now a well adjusted college senior who’s making extra money during the summer by working at the local music shop and being a violin tutor?

He’s tuning one of the violin’s late one afternoon and ends up playing Chaconne because he’s always had a soft spot for it. When he opens his eyes he sees that there are a few more customers browsing the store, which is the only reason that his the owner indulges him, but one of them is staring at him like he’s never heard music before. He’s young, probably in high school, and his mouth is hanging open. Not unattractively, Derek thinks.

“Hi,” he says, smiling as he holds out a hand. “I’m Derek.”

He finds out that the kid is Stiles and he’s not usually at a loss of words. He finds out that Stiles’ mother had played the violin and he could remember the sound of it soothing him to sleep or making him giggle and clap as she reeled off a jig.

He finds out that she’d started to teach Stiles to play, but then she’d gotten sick.

Derek looks at the violin in his hand and then back at Stiles and holds it up to him. “Never too late to learn.”

Stiles’ fingers the hem of his shirt, but he shakes his head, his smile strained and off center. “Nah, too twitchy. Fine motor control is not really one of Adderall’s side effects. You should see my handwriting.”

Stiles laughs, but Derek can see the yearning in his eyes. “Come on,” Derek says gently, stepping closer and putting the bow in Stiles’ hand. “For old time’s sake.”

Stiles’ fingers close over the violin like it’s precious, and Derek makes an approving murmur. He steps up behind him closely as Stiles raises the instrument and adjusts his hold, his fingertips pressing lightly against Stiles’ hand.

“Do you remember any songs?” He chuckles at the first one Stiles says, and then nudges him him gently when Stiles’ hesitates. “Go on.”

The first notes ring out, awkward and unrecognizable until they smooth out into the Imperial March, causing Derek to grin as he moves around him until they’re facing. Stiles’ face is flushed with pleasure, his teeth biting into the perfect bow of his bottom lip, and Derek is startled a bit by the hot rush of arousal.

His eyes snap to Stiles’ as he finishes and lets out a half incredulous laugh. “I can’t believe I remembered that.”

“We never lose the things we love,” Derek says, trying not to fumble as Stiles hands back the instrument and their fingers brush. It’s ridiculous on a number of levels, and Laura would be laughing if she could see him now. “You should try playing again,” he says as he puts the violin back on display, neatly avoiding Stiles’ gaze until he gets better control of himself.

“Orchestra’s pretty much got a full line up and I wouldn’t even know how to go about finding a private tutor, let alone paying for one.”

“I could,” Derek says before he thinks about it, then stops and winces. He doesn’t need this kind of complication, he’s only here for the summer and Stiles is far too young for any of the things that Derek would want to do with him.

But he can’t forget Stiles’ face: the ache as he’d looked at the violin, the peace as he’d played it. Derek knows that ache, and the peace too.

He turns, facing Stiles again and deliberately not looking at his mouth. “I could teach you. I have some posted rates, but we could work something out if you need.”

Stiles’ smile explodes off his face and he makes an aborted motion that gives the impression that if they knew each other better, Derek would be hugged within an inch of his life right about now.

He tries not to think of how well they’ll need to know each other before that’s an option as they trade numbers and make tentative plans. He tries not to think about how much he wants to trace their progress by the feeling of Stiles’ fingertips going from smooth to rough as they press against Derek’s skin.

He tries not to think about how he’d just signed up for a summer of torture, watching Stiles get lost in his love of music.

When Stiles gets to the door, he turns and smiles back at Derek, wide and bright, and Derek knows what it means to ache.

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